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What is Garden Design?

Put simply Garden Design could be described as ‘planning the useful arrangement of stuff in an attractive way’. This doesn’t quite convey the complexities involved or the effects that can be achieved but it avoids the usual hyperbole!

What is Landscape Gardening?

Landscape Gardening is the implementation of the garden design – actually building the garden.

Why have a Garden Designer?

If you build a house without an architect you end up with a slum (or a footballer’s mansion). If you build a town without a town planner you get a shanty town. If you build a garden without a Garden designer you end up with, well, what you probably currently have.

Why not just let a garden ‘evolve’?

Every now and then you will see a beautiful garden on Gardeners World or in the Sunday Newspaper Supplement which evolved over time rather than having been designed from the outset. If you are passionate about gardening, willing to work non-stop over the next 10 – 20 years, learning by trial and error and re-doing borders, paths, patios, lawns, pergolas and ponds over and over again then you might try this way. Alternatively you could plan it right from the start with clear goals of functionality and attractiveness within an overall theme.  Then you could let a team of qualified bricklayers, electricians, tree surgeons and other trades build your garden to your budget using the right plants and materials. It’s just a suggestion… 

For 95% of gardens the Garden Design costs a fixed fee of £750 (all inclusive). Landscaping projects (building the garden) cost £10,000 - £100,000+.

Tel: London 0203 1433415 - Watford 01923 572524 - Mobile 07941 312166